Pupil of the Week

Friday 7th December 2018

Well done to last week’s pupil of the week Kiki, who displayed a hardworking attitude in class.

The player of the week was Raphael.


Miniature Rainforests

Rainforest Models

Learning How to Stay Safe

Year 6 had a really enjoyable time visiting the IMPS team at the Horton hospital.   We learnt how to respond in an emergency and what DRS ABC stands for.  We also learnt lots about how to prevent accidents, what happens at the hospital and we even had a plaster cast placed on some of our fingers.  You can find out more about IMPS by visiting their website.

Pupil of the week

Well done to the pupil of the week from last Friday.



Times Tables

We are busy in year six trying to improve the speed and accuracy of our mental arithmetic and some children need to keep practising their multiplication facts at home.


You can use the following sites to play games to help you to improve your multiplication and mental arithmetic at home.

Multiplication Facts

Fruit Splat

Popup Multiplication

Hit the button

You could also watch these videos to remind you about factors, multiples and prime numbers.